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U.S. Spearfishing Championships '23

Spearfishing competition photo

2 weeks ago, Bobby Twitchell, owner of Maui Spearfishing Academy received a last minute invite to fill a spot at the 2023 US Spearfishing National Championships. Over 100 competitors from around the U.S. met at Waikoloa, Big island, in an invasive species tournament. With 1 day to prepare, Bobby and his Team of 3 with Brad Kepo'o and Kaui Brown, were able to secure a second place finish and Bobby scored 5th individual with the second most invasive species removed at 57 fish!

"So thankful to have this lifelong memory with my teammates Brad and Kaui! I hadn't competed in 8 years, so to see some old faces and legends I knew through the sport such as Kiley Umeda and Kevin Sakuda, and to finally really meet some of the other huge names including Spencer Haskins, Mike Jutt, Justin Lee, Ryan and Sam Myers, Kimi Werner and more, was SUCH a better experience than I ever could have expected. Mahalo to Calvin Lai and the USOA for making this happen and I'm not going to lie, I'm tempted to help make something like this happen again soon." -Bobby Twitchell

Team Photo
Bobby (left), Brad (center), Kaui (right)

Congrats again to Bobby, Brad and Kaui! It seems like Bobby isn't the only one fired up after this tournament, and want to see more events like these happen. So hopefully we'll be able to post more in the future about some of our sports best competitors doing what they do best!

fishing tournament trophy

grouper invasive fish


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