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Joey was born and raised on the island of Maui. All his extended and immediately family live on Maui, or Oahu. So to say Hawaii is home, is an understatement. He started spearfishing with Kainoa and Bobby at the age of 10. He loves catching waves and when he's not in the water you can find him at home playing Rocket League.


Noah was born in Guam, and moved to Maui as a child. He is half Samoan and half Canadian. He started spearfishing and surfing at a young age and grew a deep respect for the ocean. He is proud Lahainaluna graduate. If he isn't working or spending time with his daughter you can catch him surfing at Lahaina harbor.


Kainoa is half Hawaiian and half Japanese, he was born and raised on Maui. He majored in Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii, and now also works to remove invasive plants off Maui. He is a proud father of two, and is a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. Kai has a deep respect for the land, ocean and even greater respect for the Hawaiian culture.


Bobby was born and raised on Maui, and calls the upper westside home forever. He loves to spearfish, bodyboard, paintball and play computer games. He founded MSA and also owns South Maui Spearfishing. He couldn't do it all without the support of his wife, Sarah. 


Teddy grew up in Newport, Rhode Island the sailing capital of the world. He is a Marine Corp. veteran who loves the water. When he is not working as a boat captain or spearfishing guide you will catch him freediving, spearfishing, surfing or sailing.

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