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Lahainaluna Surf Team Breathing Session

If you’ve been held under by a few big waves before then you know how much a confident breath hold can mean for you! The Lahainaluna Surf team for the third straight year asked Maui Spearfishing Academy to come out for a 2 hour intro to freedive safety and breath holding session. The session is held at one a local beach in Lahaina town and was attended by over a dozen surfers. The entire two hours is devoted to understanding what you feel as you go through a complete breath hold, the foundation safety routines among freedivers, basic breath-up strategies before a breath hold, and finally a static breath hold session in the water to put what they learned into practice.

With less than one hour of instruction before practicing some breath holds, many of the students performed over two minute breath holds. One of the students even broke three minutes! We’re hoping this “teaser” course will give the students a passion for the sport of freediving and more importantly that they would understand how to be safe when practicing the sport. Surfers, especially those in Hawaii, tend to freedive quite often. Our goal is that they would all be able to teach their surf and dive buddies on the dangers of freediving and how to be a safe and successful waterman! Aloha LHS Surf Team and thank you for the opportunity to jump in the water with you!!

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