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Another MSA guide trained in deep diving!

Congratulations to Maui Spearfishing Academy guide Joey Kekumu, who recently completed Kurt Chambers March 2014 Maui Deep free dive course! Joey’s time underwater and ease in going to the bottom of a 60′ line made it apparent that he had more experience in deeper diving than the other students. This came to no surprise as he has Been an avid spear fisherman and working with MSA for some time now. A lot of the content he had already gained through working at MSA, but as he stated, “I was surprised to see the large amount of new information, it’s going to be hard to remember it all!” besides the great knowledge gained from the course, Joey was able to push his limits and swim down to a shipwreck 80 feet down! We are all excited to see what Joey will be capable of as he practices more of what he learned in the coming months.

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