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Italian Record Diver: Davide Carrera

Maui Spearfishing Academy prides itself on its professional instruction, especially when it comes to the sport of free diving. Every now and then, this journey of challenging myself to go deeper and stay down longer causes me to cross paths with some very unique individuals. I recently was able to spend an afternoon with, and dive with, a recent record breaking free diver from Italy; Davide Carrera. In addition to a short afternoon dive session, we were able to sit down and discuss some advanced topics of free diving. He told me some of his philosophies when it comes to diving deep and doing it safely. I really enjoyed spending this time with him and I think not only myself, but all of my guests who are looking for spearfishing tours on Maui will benefit from this time. You can learn a lot from a guy who’s been 338 ft. on just one breath:) Hope to dive with Davide again soon!


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